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London & UK Based Chess Clubs For Juniors


Mindful Chess provides children and adults of all ages opportunities to learn chess. We are working with schools across the UK to offer chess clubs for beginners and experienced players alike. In addition to teaching basic chess skills, we offer coaching for students who are striving to compete at a national level.



Sessions are between 30 mins and 1 hour at lunch time or after school. These take place at the school premises.



Private tutoring is a great way to assess your child's learning style and fast-track to areas that need assistance. 



We offer coaching specifically tailored for students preparing for competition. 


We believe that it is fundamental for the learning process to be exciting, stimulating and tailored to each student’s individual way of learning. We use puzzles, gameplay and technology, to give our classes a dynamic learning experience.


At Mindful Chess, we teach chess in a way that ensures the benefits of learning extend beyond the game. We use chess as a tool to enhance concentration to aid all areas of learning and development. For more information on the benefits of teaching chess to children, check out our blog.

Our Philosophy...


Chess has been around for hundreds of years and different forms of mindfulness have been practised for millenniums. Mindful Chess leans on the history of these practices to teach chess in a way that exercises the child’s capacity for focus.


Mindful Chess was created following our founder’s experience working with Hong Kong’s most reputable chess school, Scholastic Chess. After being inspired by the great work being done overseas, Mindful Chess now provides the same opportunities for children and adults in the UK.

...Our History


Chess Lessons Near You


We are currently offering chess lessons in more than a dozen schools across London. We now have clubs running in more than six different counties and are continuing to expand. Contact us today to find out if we are running a chess club near you. If not, that's no problem. We can contact your child's school on your behalf to get a Mindful Chess club up and running. 



Mindful Chess Blog

Before you go, don't forget to check out the Mindful Chess blog. We regularly share chess content that explores the benefits of playing chess and new ways of interacting with the game. To never miss a post, be sure to like our page on Facebook. We're on Instagram and LinkedIn too.

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We operate at schools across the UK. Our primary address is:

13 Oakeshott Avenue, London, N6 6NT United Kingdom.

Phone: 0207 183 1398      Email: teaching@mindfulchess.co.uk