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teach at one of our chess clubs

Do you want to get paid to teach chess?


We are always on the lookout for talented tutors to join our teaching team. If you share our passion for teaching chess, we would love to hear from you. We provide full support along with a range of top quality resources and teaching materials. Whether you are an amateur player or a national champion, if the passion is there, we want to find a way to get you involved. 


Drop us a message today to find out if we are looking for teachers in your area. If you would like to teach at your local school, head to our Start A Club page to find out how.


We offer classes to schools and education institutions which take place during lunch breaks or at the end of the day. 


Sessions are between thirty minutes to one hour and run on a weekly basis.


We believe it is important to provide students with sufficient input from our teachers and therefore have two teachers for big classes.

PRIVATE Tutouring

We offer private sessions teaching on a one to one or one to two student basis.


Our teachers come to students homes to teach these. If you are interested in private tutoring please contact jake@mindfulchess.co.uk to discuss options.


We offer coaching and personalised preparation for students who have decided they wish to further their games and start competing at open tournaments.

These one to one intensive sessions are designed to help the students most effectively capitalise on their strengths, while minimising the consequences of any weaker areas of their games.

Example Curriculum

We adapt our sessions according to each student's level.

Week 1
Introduction to Mindful Chess & Teaching Concepts

Week 2
The 3 Golden Rules (Opening Principles)

Week 3
An Introduction to Chess Kid

Week 4
Climbing the Ladder (2 Rooks vs King Mate)

Week 5
1st Month Recap & Game Play

Week 6
Swaps (Counting Pieces and Exchanges)

Week 7
Boxing the King (Queen & King vs. King mate)

Week 8
Bug House Team Chess

Week 9
2nd Month Recap & Game Play

Week 10
Game Recording for our Holiday Chess Analysis


Lawrence Northall

Share the amazing things "Working with Mindful Chess has not only been hugely enjoyable but I feel greatly built my confidence. I very much look forward to commencing teaching on returning to the UK." are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Abi Prendergast

 Teaching through Mindful Chess has been an all-around wonderful experience and watching the children develop their chess skills and grow in confidence has been the best part."

Amy Baker

"Having loved chess since a child it was fantastic to discover there was an opportunity to teach the game as a part time job alongside my musical career.

Download our official teaching guide here

We operate at schools across the UK. Our primary address is:

13 Oakeshott Avenue, London, N6 6NT United Kingdom.

Phone: 0207 183 1398      Email: teaching@mindfulchess.co.uk